Friday, 30 August 2013


Hands up if you can relate to this!!

Okay, hands down now. You look like a fool, and people are starting to stare... Quick! Pretend you were stretching ;)

In my house tonight, there were 3 different TV's playing 3 different movies to 3 different children. Yes, I'm serious. That's my little secret to how I keep everyone happy when I am completely exhausted at the 'end' of another big week (though, looking back, I didn't really do that much).

Husband is out. Dinner was leftovers/cheese on toast, and it's actually (though don't ever quote me on this) a little bit nice.

The kids had chosen DVDs to watch, but I still usually check the TV guide to see if there's any good kids or family movies showing... I saw that Harry Potter was on tonight. But there's really no point watching it if you've found a good summary of Harry Potter in 99 seconds:

If that was too quick, here's another (slightly longer, therefore more detailed, but still longer) summary of Harry Potter, by The Fine Brothers:

By this stage, I figured "why don't I just dedicate this post to Harry Potter?"
So I'm adding a personal favourite (not another summary, I promise) video from Potter Puppet Pals:

There are SO many creative and talented people in this world! It blows my mind with the things that people can create, bringing entertainment to the entire world (that has access to the internet and/or Facebook). From songs, to movies, to puppetry, to poems... And even Harry Potter pie charts:

Are you a person who's followed Harry Potter's adventures from start to finish? Have you read all 7 books, and/or watched all 8 movies*? How about this: Are you someone who's so committed to Harry Potter that you've travelled to King's Cross Station in London to see for yourself Platform 9 ¾?

London must certainly be the place to be as a movie/TV fan, because I've also read of a Tardis from Dr Who in London! ... Dr Who is definitely a show I know absolutely nothing about - except (thanks to some research because I was asked if I could make a Tardis cake**) what a Tardis is now!

Happy Friday!

* All 8 Harry Potter movies equal 19 hours and 38 minutes!
** Stay tuned!

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