Monday, 9 June 2014

The art of science!

My eldest son has a '365 Science Experiments' type of book, and I think we've only completed one of them. Well, one that I can remember! It involved an egg sitting in a cup of vinegar, for about a week. The vinegar slowly eats away at the shell, and the egg turns quite rubbery. My kids loved it, and it's a pretty cool experiment (until the egg starts to smell, of course).

But "science" is such a broad topic!

I was asked this week to make science cupcakes, and I honestly didn't know where to begin in the process of what to make on them. Test tubes? DNA strands? Bunsen burners? Crazy scientist hair? Petri dishes? Rubbery eggs? A frog with a knife sticking out of it's belly?

Without wanting to agonise over moulding teeny-tiny individual pieces of science lab equipment, I went with a broader (well, easier) take on science.

The periodic table.

With enough research, I finally found a colour scheme of the table that I really liked. I went through and picked 25 of the most common, or 'easiest-to-write-with-a-tiny-paint-brush' elements!

I'd grouped them in their colour groups, so that I appeared to be super organised. But, by doing this, it did make it easier to just place on the cupcakes once they had been iced.

I didn't get a photo of all the cupcakes with just the coloured icing on them, but since I'd already grouped them prior to icing the cupcakes, the easiest part of the project was placing the fondant element labels onto the cupcakes! (that usually is the easiest part of making cupcakes, though). I was in my element! ;)

Without realising at the time, it had suddenly turned out to be a very colourful weekend, as I had made these cupcakes the very next day after I'd made the rainbow splatter cake!

I was later told that the birthday boy loves science, and his party involved many experiments in the backyard! I believe his parents have finally patched up the holes in the fence, and are beginning to re-turf the lawn than somehow caught on fire recently ;)

Happy birthday Jeremiah! :)

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