Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Fast and Furious!

Occasionally, as a cake maker/enthusiast, you get some slightly bizarre requests for cakes. This may or may not have been one of them: A drag racing sign.

Though there's none of the signs/lights in them, I couldn't help but think of the Fast and the Furious movie series:

I have made (cartoon style) car cakes before, like this Lightning McQueen one, and this accidental Shag-mobile... but this is the first drag/street racing themed cake I've ever made! And it was also the biggest cake I've ever made.

I found this to use as reference:

In my ideas regarding how I was going to make it, I thought that cupcakes would work well for the lights down the sides... Well, little did I realise at the time, that cupcake lights meant that the sign part of the cake was 1 metre long. That's right, 100cm long!

Of course, I broke it up into sections. There were 8 different cakes to piece together. So, piece by piece, cake by cake, I did my best to re-create the sign. It was tricky, it was sometimes awkward, and it was big... So big that I needed to go to my local hardware store and have a cake board specially made.

Once the cake had been covered, it was time to add all the letters, and arrange the cupcakes on the board again. The cupcake cases were glued onto the board to (hopefully) prevent movement during transportation.

Then with the rest of the letters attached, birthday wishes written, and a number plate cake- that was also requested- added to the board, the cake was finished.*

It was nowhere near flawless, but the sheer size of it meant that two people needed to carry it out of my kitchen...

To celebrate the completion of this enormous cake, Husband and I felt it only fitting to go out and watch the movie series finale, Fast & Furious 7.

Happy birthday Michael!

* Well, if there was more time, I would have kept going, adding a few more finalising touches to it.**
** There's generally always more final touches that can be thought of if time is limitless.

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