Monday, 30 June 2014

Ready. Steady. WIGGLE!

The Wiggles. Surely everyone by now has heard of them!

Basically, there's the red wiggle, the blue wiggle, the purple wiggle, the yellow wiggle, the fifth & first wiggle, the fill-in yellow wiggle <breath> the original red wiggle, the original purple wiggle, and the chick with the bow.

Not as simple to follow as their songs, that's for sure!

Though they've been reformed for however many months now, I still have in mind the "original" Wiggle members whenever I think about them... So when I was asked to make a Wiggles themed cake recently, and if there could be a bow on top of the cake, I was like "a bow? why a bow?"

I eventually remembered that there's now a new generation of this popular group of children's entertainers. I gather the chick ("Emma" as she's also known) is a favourite among many little girls.

To decorate this Wiggles themed cake, I first put a base coat of buttercream icing around the cake, and measured up the picture in the middle. It was one of the happiest days of mine when my local cake shop told me that they print edible images! When I took Jonathan, my 4 year old, with me when we were getting the picture printed for this cake, he asked when I was going to make "magic food" for him! I suppose that's what it is when you think about it, right?

Quarter by quarter, I iced the cake with the various Wiggles colours (matching the design of the Big Red Car's wheels). Wondering how I was going to get the edges straight, I found it helpful to pipe the outline, and then fill it all in. It was as straight as it was going to get.

By this stage, I was confident at least that I'd be able to make an Omnitrix cake one day!

Once it was all iced with Wiggles colours, I unstuck the Wiggles photo and placed it in the middle of the cake. Now it was complete! That was until...

Until I remembered that the birthday girl (who was turning 2), had been dreaming day and night of a Wiggles cake, with a bow on it! Craaaaap. I quickly looked up what Emma's bow looked like, and made my own fondant interpretation of it. I sat it in a bowl for an hour (because that's all the time I had left) to try and allow the ends to stand up a bit... Obviously more time would have been better (like, if I'd remembered to make it the night before!), but it did the job!

I stuck that onto the yellow section of the cake, and now it was finished:

And the birthday girl loved it!

Happy birthday Ku! :)

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