Sunday, 28 June 2015


Today, I made a new personal best in 'time spent decorating a cake'! It was a Pokéball cake (okay, technically half a Pokéball cake).

I made this because it turns out my son isn't the only one obsessed with this game of weird animals, strange names, super powers, bizarre fighting abilities, and points???

A few of his friends are, too. And one of them celebrated her birthday today.

There was a moment I tried to understand Pokémon, but realised that in order to have just a simple conversation with my 11 year old about it, the time I'd need to spend gaining knowledge and memorising names and abilities, it would complicate and frustrate my life even more, and I would rather spend my spare time shaving my legs with bread knife, or actually listening to Q & A than attempt to care about tiny weird animals who come out of a ball and fight each other in the exact same world where Toddler Fights are apparently, according to my lawyer, illegal.

Plus, I think one person in this household obsessed with Pokémon is enough considering they were caught watching a Pokémon TV serious on Netflix at 4am a couple of weeks ago.


Anyway, here's my really simple version of a Pokéball cake made today in record time:

The obsession my eldest has with Pokémon did come in handy, though, I will admit, as I kept asking (fine, needing) his professional opinion regarding proportions of the middle circles, which, I am told, are definitely not nipples...

Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night ;)

Happy birthday Emily!!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Time flies when you're... really busy!!

WOAH. So I knew it had been a little while since I've blogged, but officially today, it's been two whole months since my last post.

It seriously doesn't feel like that long!

So much has been happening. I have still been baking, but I have also still been a wife, a mum, a teacher, home-maker, chef, nurse, chauffeur, family planner, event organiser, and I have a part-time job outside of the house now that I LOVE, but which takes up a good chunk of the available hours in a week.

Oh, and I've also discovered a new-found enjoyment in really long bubble/bath bomb baths. So, technically that takes up a fair bit of my time, too.

Life feels so fast-paced at the moment, and I fear that I am going to spend the next 20 years chasing things like 'a normal routine', and 'sanity'. I suppose it's about the ride rather than the destination, though, right? ... Right!??

I will finish this post by promising that I will not leave it another two months before I share some of the things I have been up to!

I'm sure it will be therapeutic to once again write about the things I make and create; I just have to remind myself how important and distracting from the busyness of life it really is :)

Take care all!

- Natalie x