Sunday, 5 April 2015

Feeling bunny!


Today is Easter Sunday, a day filled with love, hope, chocolate, eggs, and bunny rabbits. Lately I've been feeling a bit creative due to the Easter season, and wanted to share what I've been up to.

Bunny Bum Cupcakes.

I made these for the school staff on the last day of term (gosh, that's gone so quickly!). I had seen some varieties splashed over the internets during my Easter clicking, thought they were super cute, and wanted to mimic them for the occasion.

I used big and medium (a.k.a. normal) sized white marshmallows. The normal marshmallows were cut in half and stuck to the big marshmallow to be the bunny's feet, like so:

It was at this moment in the cupcake production line when Ben (11) walked past and asked if I was making elephants!


Boys, right! Holding back the welling tears, I managed to tell him to come back once I've added more detail, which included pink royal icing 'footprint', and a white royal icing 'tail'.

Ben soon came back and told me that he thought they looked like bunnies now, but I didn't believe him. Though time consuming (as most baking-related things are), the bunny bums were fairly easy to construct!

The bunny bums all sat very patiently while I piped green buttercream icing onto the cupcakes, and sat them into the middle of the 'grass':

I really like the green, white, and pink together! The grass was initially meant to look, you know, like proper grass... But with the right piping tip and lack of time, it turned into super quick thin spaghetti grass instead.

Hopefully the teachers didn't notice!

Easter Hat Parade 'Bag'.

Next was a really simple, budget DIY 'Easter Hat Parade' bag for little Jonathan. I used an empty Milo tin, which I washed <cough-rinsed-cough> and de-labelled. I sticky taped some white paper around it, drew on a bunny face, and stuck inside a bunny ear headband, which also acted (I hope) as the handle. And to look like I made an effort, I filled it with eggs.

Jonathan was instead happy with the bag he had already made at school, which nullified me running back home after the school bell rang to finalise the bag, and run it back to school along with a new school shirt for him, as the one he was wearing was covered in bolognese sauce from the previous night's dinner.

Boys, right!

So I figured that I deserved those eggs, and ate them instead.

My final creative moments I had were from this beautiful and sunny Easter Sunday morning...

Bunny Footprints.

Due to my terrible addiction to Pinterest, I see many things (in particular at this time - Easter things) that I know if I don't do now, I will have to wait a whole year to be able to do them again (when there'll likely be bigger and better ideas by then anyway!)

Like baby powder bunny footprints, leading up to some Easter eggs for my kids.

But, since I also suffer from extreme laziness, there was just one set of bunny footprints (not like those really crazy people who shake powder onto footprint templates that lead their kids from the bed, to under the table, to the bathroom, to the couch, to behind the bookshelf, down the hallway, to the car, around the letterbox, back inside, and back to bed where the eggs probably were the whole time)... No, no, no. There was just one pair of footprints in our house - which was on our table.

And both footprints came off quickly with a baby wipe, and I didn't have to vacuum at all!

Bunny Bum Pancakes.

Yesterday, I was one of the people who panicked about the shops being closed. I made sure we had each meal for the public holiday planned out correctly, and when I asked Husband if there was anything he wanted from the shops, he said "Maybe some ricotta, in case we feel like making ricotta pancakes in the morning."

In case??

Well, I got that ricotta, and I made those ricotta pancakes! And I shaped them (again, something I'd seen on the internets) into bunny bums. But since I'd forgotten to get blueberries/strawberries for the footprints, I improvised with chocolate melts, melted chocolate, and (though it looks like a big marshmallow), whipped cream for the tail:

And lastly, after a fun Eggstravaganza hunting, catching, and painting eggs, our church's Easter event moved from the park to where we meet for church, via some chalk bunny footprints that I was in charge of:

See! Even the Easter Bunny came to church this morning to celebrate that after Jesus suffered and was crucified on Good Friday, he did not remain dead, but rose again to new life. Hallelujah!

You can read about the Easter Sunday story here, here, here, and here.


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