Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Diet starts (again) next week!

Everyone has that one weakness when it comes to food, right? That thing that you "indulge" in occasionally? Or... maybe a bit too frequently, if you're like me?

Well, perhaps for my own mental record, but more because I didn't realise that my list of food I indulge in had more than one thing on it, I wanted to write down the specific food items that I cannot buy... without devouring it all within 24 hours.

1. Tim Tams, but only Double Coat, and preferably chilled.
2. Cadbury's Marvellous Creations ice cream, but only Jelly Popping Candy Beanies.
3. Cadbury's Chocolate, but only Black Forest.
4. Ben & Jerry's ice cream, but only Couch Potato.

So, not only am I a snob for expensive brands, I'm even a snob within the expensive brands! I can still quite happily enjoy other flavours of these things, but these are the ones that I just cannot stop eating!

Each time I buy these things, though, I do it only because I've somehow convinced myself that I won't eat it all so quickly, and that this time I will display incredible self control and prove Husband wrong, because he tells me that I have none.

But each time, I somehow desperately scramble at the end of the day to hide all the empty packets and quickly take the rubbish out, so that I can pretend that I didn't even buy them in the first place, and hope that Husband wouldn't spy the wrappers in the rubbish.

I am hoping that as I write this list down (making it totally official because it's on the internet), I will STOP BUYING THESE THINGS!

My wallet and waist line will certainly be happier if I do.

On a related matter, as I say that I'm trying to lose weight (and really want to also, despite eating through my entire list already this week), this photo always amuses me:

... Diet starts again next week!

Do you have a food item (or list) that you indulge in, and can't stop eating as soon as it's been opened??


Upon seeing this photo, Jonathan (4) asked if the girl in the photo was my friend. I said she wasn't, and asked why? He said that he didn't want her coming over to our house, because she would steal all of our food, and because he wants those chips.

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