Thursday, 28 June 2012

C is for Cookie (and Cupcake)!

It's a sunny day, and everything's A-OK!
Can you tell me how to make, how to make those Cupcakes?! :)

Before I attempted to make cupcakes by scratch, I had a small obsession with making Sesame Street cupcakes! They are so simple, and early in June, Ropes Crossing Church and I hosted a Ladies Baking Afternoon event, where 22 ladies met in my house, and I explained how I make these Sesame Street cupcakes! Hopefully you can tell who these characters are!

They really are as simple as coloured buttercream icing (I use margarine to make my icing, as it's a bit softer than butter), marshmallows, and some extra ingredients all put on top of a cupcake! Here are the instructions that I printed out for the day, so that people knew where abouts on the cupcake to place the ingredients, and what extra bits and pieces were needed for each character.

The pig could could easily become another Muppet character (as Kermit is also a Muppet, not a Sesame Street character), with some white curly frosting, and a pink sugar strap placed like a bow in the middle. I didn't show this at the Ladies Baking Day, but I have made her before, and she looks like this ->

As you can see, there were also a couple of flower cupcakes that I demonstrated at the Baking Afternoon. I do hope that everyone who came had fun learning something new and meeting new people! If you were interested in checking out some photos, feel free the 'like' Ropes Crossing Church on Facebook and have a look at them :)

As a crafty person, I really wanted to give something special as a take home 'gift' for the ladies that came. While shopping one day, I came across these mini whisks! Sooooo cuuuuute! I couldn't resist getting them, as they're even related to baking! Perfect! Then looking some more, I found mini spatulas! Genius. The mini whisks (at the store that sold more than 4 of them - as we were expecting 20+ ladies), were actually key rings, which allowed me to laminate some cupcake instructions, along with a bible verse, and attach them all together:

The bible verse attached to the gifts for the ladies comes from Ephesians, and the more I thought about the things that I make and do, I need to remind myself that I was made, too! 'Knit together in my mothers womb' (Psalm 139).

In different translations of this one verse that was given to the ladies who came and participated in the Baking Afternoon, I discovered that we (all) are:

- God's making
- God's accomplishment
- God's workmanship
... and my favourite


I am definitely looking forward to the next baking day,
but I'll have to master some different kinds of cupcakes first! :)

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  1. I am very astonished with your amazing talent Nat, so blessed to have you share this to the world and not kept it in the cupboards.
    You are magical! I will be checking your blog all the time for updates.