Thursday, 1 August 2013

Thank you fairy much!

Dear diary,

I want to be a fairy!!

Yours impatiently,

Natalie ...

Dear diary,

I've been asked to make a fairy cake! I am so excited. It will be pink, with flowers and sparkles all over it, and a fairy on top. It's close enough to being a fairy, so I am happy.

Yours crazily thankful,

Natalie xxx

Dear diary,

The day has come to make the fairy cake!

It was 3pm, and my children had arrived home from school. I had  pink and chocolate cakes in 8 and 6 inch tins in my oven. While they was baking, I took my white fondant, and made 12 little flowers with this flower cookie cutter, used twice on the same piece, and then pressed them into a ping pong ball packet to set into a rounded shape.

I was optimistic that the cake would at least be covered with fondant by the time Husband came home from work. It was 5:30pm and I rolled out the light pink fondant to cover the top tier. I wonder if this can count as my workout so that I can eat the rest of the ice cream that's in the freezer... Hmm. Still, I should be done by 6 or half past.

Husband calls at 6:30pm to say he's almost home... I get off the computer, looking around to see one cake covered, and the other sitting next to white fondant and pink colouring waiting patiently for me... Damn. I resolve to stop procrastinating.

Husband opens the front door just as I realise that I hadn't planned anything for dinner because I was busy making cakes. Could we just not do dinner for just one night?? Was he just trying to sabotage my work again?? If I stab him right now, could I claim STABotage to be an acceptable defence in court?? I don't know why he's complaining, anyway... I'll be done by 10pm.

I colour and roll the dark pink fondant... I add more colour and roll it again. And once more until I was finally happy with the colour. All while Husband searches under the layer of flour and icing sugar to find a saucepan to cook in.

Cakes are covered, dinner was eaten. I just had one last thing to do before going to bed - make the fairy... Hmm... Maybe I could just buy one instead.

Kids were in bed at 8:30pm, and Husband gets ready for bed, too. I tell him that I just have the fairy to do, and shouldn't be too far behind him. I don't understand why he begins laughing hysterically.

Failing to manage by myself, I look up a YouTube tutorial on How to make a Fondant Fairy - A guide for complete idiots.

By 10:30pm, I discover that fairies take a really long time to make... Michelangelo's David took years, right? That would explain it. Am I Michelangelo? I might be. He could have time travelled. I didn't know before, but I must be. Could I get royalties for use of my works for the past few hundred years??

They say you can hallucinate from lack of sleep, but I, Michelangelo, will disprove that theory with science! ... Right after I finish sculpting this fairy.

I sat at my computer desk (so that I didn't wake any children up) with my tools and fondants. Though the tutorial was great, I kind of made it up as I went along, too (perhaps that's why it took so long).

Midnight ticks past, and I'm pretty sure all of the cake shops are closed. Worried that they wouldn't have any fairies in stock that I could just buy, I continued what some might call "sculpting"...

At 1am, I had successfully (well, kind of) made the parts I needed for a fairy... I think.

Yours already half asleep,

Natalie ZZzzzzzzzz

Dear diary,

I wake up and someone appears to have broken into the house in the middle of the night and destroyed my kitchen!

... Why did they write "Michelangelo" all over the cupboards??

At 9am, everyone's at school or where they should be. Time to have a nap OhMyGoshTheCAKE!

In a whirlwind of creativity, I attach the tiers... Now: Fondant is my canvas, and I am creating art!

Armed with the skewer, the fairy head connected to the torso, the torso connected to the skirt, the skirt connected to the cake tiers, and "Heeeeyy Macarena!"

The birthday girl's name was glued onto the cake, and also those little white flowers I had made earlier, along with some leaves and fairy wings, which were made from a butterfly cutter and covered in delicious, edible glitter.

I carefully painted little details onto the fairy, like eyes and a mouth. Kinda important details, really... Hard to do when you haven't had much sleep.

After re-fuelling with coffee at 11am, I'm pretty sure I got away without having to sculpt fairy legs by making her look like she's kneeling:

With some white royal icing, I started piping dots on Keira's name and around the cake. I piped some more, and some more, and just kept piping the way Dory kept on swimming... Until I got bored of dots and piped mini flowers instead, which I added a light pink pearl to.

The fairy, close up:

At midday - I claimed to have completed the cake:

Yours creatively,

Natalie xxx

Happy birthday Keira!!

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