Friday, 3 January 2014

Na-na na-na na-na na-na BATMAN!

Today's forecast: It's going to be a Dark Knight.

Everyone recognises Batman, right? Is it the logo? His mask? The gadgets? The bat-mobilePerhaps it's even one of the actors who've played the character?

For as long as I've known him, my brother-in-law has been a Batman fan. Husband and he would banter back and forth over the phone whenever the next (or previous) Batman movie would come out. They would tell tales of Batman in their childhood, the time their father dressed as Batman, and why spitfire balls should totally be legal.

He also likes wine (my brother-in-law that is), which is why a few Christmas' ago when we made and gave family members painted wine glasses as a gift, his looked like this:

I know many have already seen this, but a little while ago, I was asked to make a Batman cake. I obviously accepted the challenge. Google had many ideas on what other people's interpretations of a Batman cake would be, but how was I to make mine similar, yet different? I quickly designed something and went with it.

Combining a few ideas, I used 'delphinium' blue* coloured fondant to cover the bottom tier, added black rectangles and tiny white squares, and the scene was set! No, really, it was. It was the background for my fondant city:

* Cake Shop Lady told me that this was the colour of Original Batman's costume.

During my eBay therapy (which may or may not be ongoing therapy), I had the incredible foresight** to purchase a Batman logo cookie cutter!

** Husband does not call it foresight... In fact, I will not repeat what he does call it.

With yellow fondant and the new purchase, the top tier (before it was attached to the bottom tier) looked like this:

Once it was attached, I added some black ribbon around the bottom of each tier, to make them all pretty and neat, because, well, maybe I sometimes have an issue with things being untidy...

And what would a Batman cake be without BATS!!?

Thankfully, I made this cake just before Halloween, and so many stores were stocked up with all things bat related, including mini cookie cutters:

One by one, these icky little creatures were stuck into the Batman cake:

It was about this time I was convinced that the wires needed a bit more support, so I wrapped another layer of black ribbon around them, and tied them together (oh so gracefully) with black electrical tape, because, it was black! And once you go black.....

In my mind, it was now finished, and I could relax.

Then as I asked (why, oh why) for his opinion on the cake I'd just finished, Husband said "You know what'd be cool? If you made a batarang and have it sticking out of the side of the cake!" He figured that because it was for a 30th birthday, they'd love it!

After Googling what the heck a batarang was, I agreed that it would be cool, and quickly used the Batman cutter to make one. I stuck it into the front side of the cake, which looked like this:

So now it was finished :)

I'm pretty sure justice was served with this...
Delicious, chocolate-y justice!

Mmm... Chocolate.

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