Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Freedom. noun.
The state of being free; exemption from control.
The power to determine action without restraint.

Purple. noun, adjective, verb.
A colour having components of both red and blue.
The only word I was given as instructions to make a cake.

My good friend had asked me to make a cake for her daughter's 11th birthday, and I was specifically told that I had creative freedom to make whatever I wanted, with the only exception that it had to be purple.

Too much creative freedom?? I had so many ideas... And so did Google! But I had to narrow my ideas down to just one style... Which was incredibly difficult, especially when I kept adding new ideas to the list that was already very long.

After changing my mind a thousand times, I knew that I just had to start. Perhaps the final idea will come to me as I go along (as it did).

So I made and iced a cake. Chocolate cake, on top of purple cake, on top of more chocolate cake, spread with purple buttercream icing, and entirely covered by a layer of purple fondant:

So far so good!

I chose a shape (circle), and stuck with it, cutting out different sizes of different shades of purple (and white) fondant, getting so caught up in what I was doing, I forgot to take progress photos... So the cake suddenly went from a plain purple covered cake that I wasn't sure what to do with next...

... To a purple cake with white and purple spots all over it:

I had left the top of the cake blank, knowing that I wanted some kind of fondant ribbon arranged on top. Which I had to narrow down the many ideas for, also.
But ended up with this:

It was almost finished! I added the number 11 to some wire, so that it could stick out. I put a dark purple circle in the middle of the ribbon, which the numbers would stick out of... But something was missing... So I decided that the final touch of this cake would be purple spiral streamer-like fondant decorations bursting from the centre.

Ta-da! A purple, circle, purple, chocolate, purple 11th birthday cake :)

Happy Birthday Jessica!!

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