Thursday, 17 October 2013

I'm getting old!

Do not despise your mother when she is old.
- Proverbs 23:22b

Take note, kids!

I didn't think I would live to see this day... No, that's a lie. I just didn't think this day would come so soon! As per my usual morning routine, I looked in the mirror, and once again promised myself that I will (maybe 'next week') start that daily and totally beneficial skincare routine I've been putting off for the past-however-long. I'm too young to worry about wrinkles, aren't I? Might I add that at the beginning of each year, I also say that perhaps this will be the year I learn how to do a backflip. And then the worst possible thing happened...

I'm blonde. Yes, I'm a bit dense and naïve at (numerous) times, too, I'll admit that. But, I have blonde hair, naturally. And I had spent years convincing myself that because of my light coloured hair, this wouldn't happen:

Not my hair (yet!). But it's only a matter of time...

I'm shattered. Husband claims he can't see them, but I totally can! And it's not just one. Similar to me forgetting to write down milestone dates for my children losing teeth and learning to walk, I completely missed writing down the date that my youth left me, probably because I wasn't expecting to age so quickly. It's over. I have grey hairs. And I can't do anything to stop them from multiplying. In a manner similar to Rhianna, I soon found myself scringing* "Whaaat naaaaoww?"

* Combination of screaming and singing. Because life should be a musical.

I'm not even 30 yet! <runs away and scrings into pillow>

Do I blame my kids? I would totally have Disney-worthy ridiculously luscious hair had I not been a mother. Or a worrier. Or a cake maniac. Or female. Or, you know, not-animated. Damn Disney movies with perfectly animated hair. Maybe it's my mother's fault for letting me watch too much TV growing up...

But. Life goes on. I guess I always thought that I'd remain at least youthful! And... flexible? Perhaps this is a similar experience to when you know that your own kids are getting older, but then when you see your friends' kids you haven't seen in a while, who were the same age as yours, suddenly they're all grown up! And, surprisingly, still the same age as yours. Or when you try to cartwheel after years being out of practice, and pull muscles you didn't know you had, forcing you to walk weirdly for the next 2 days...

I'm not happy about having grey hairs in my 20s. I'm not terribly sad about it, either, I guess. But I do somehow feel like my grasp on youth is getting harder and harder to hold onto! My bones are becoming fragile; my body is already less flexible; my hair: grey! And my brain so much more forgetful. Sorry, who are you again??

Help! I'm gonna break a hip if I fall!

And now to put my eBay addiction to good use (instead of more cookie cutters) and order a walking frame...

Because when I was young, Pluto was a planet!

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