Sunday, 20 October 2013

Here, kitty kitty kitty...

Kitty, n.
1. A fund made up of portions of money which people have contributed for a designated purpose.
2. The name of my sister's previous cat, which she adopted as a kitten.
3. This fictional character:
Naww... Hi Kitty!
This weekend, I made some Hello Kitty cupcakes. I forever* searched for how I was going to do that, and, how I was going to do that without time to locate, purchase, and/or make my own 'Hello Kitty' face cutter.

* Not really, but extensively.

I thought I'd share what I did with what I had, which was these:

Using the smaller round cutter, I made (what would soon be) the face, and then with the larger one, trimmed a bit off the top:

With the flower cutter, I could make 5 ears in one go! Hooray! Then after wrecking my brain for ways to make the ribbon without making actual ribbons (lazy, I know) I used the bottom of the balloon cutter (that I recently added to my collection just before my daughter's birthday)     ->

To create Hello Kitty's ribbon shaped accessory:

Finally, with some food colouring/paint, I added the eyes, nose, and whiskers:

I also made flowers for the remaining cupcakes, which were made the same way I made flowers for the fairy cake, with a red M 'n' M in the middle. The Hello Kitty faces and flowers were placed on top of pink buttercream icing piped onto cupcakes:

I was then somehow reminded of Phoebe from Friends, and "Smelly Cat".

Which has it's own film clip!

Good question. What are they feeding you? :)

And now the answer to the question you've probably been wondering since the beginning of this post (or at least now) - What would happen if Hello Kitty and Grumpy Cat got married and had a little kitty of their own?
Soft kitty. Hello Kitty. Little ball of fuuuur.
Sleepy kitty. Grumpy Kitty. Purr, purr, I hate you.

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