Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Rubbish! Total rubbish!

Early in the morning. When it's still dark, and everyone is sleeping. It happens. The moment everyone experiences. When that... thing screeches closer and closer to your house, waking you up in a hot, panicky sweat...

<gasp> "Did I remember to put the bin out??"

Yep. The garbage truck. You're a liar if you've never feared missing the arrival of the garbage truck. Countless times, Husband has sprinted out of the house (in just his undies, might I add) because his wife couldn't remember if she had deposited their week's worth of rubbish onto the kerb for collection...

Well, liars, I thought I'd share with you a rubbish cake I have just made. But not just any rubbish cake. A rubbish truck cake... A specifically and totally planned wonky rubbish truck cake*!

* That's a lie. In my plan** it wasn't wonky at all. It was perfectly trashy.

** Rule #1 of cake decorating: Always. Always have a plan.

"Number one rule out here: Always! No. Never go out in a blizzard!"
- Yeti, Monsters Inc.
Wonky. adj.
Shaky, groggy, unsteady, unreliable, crooked, wobbly, slanty, not trustworthy.

Like this donkey:

So, poor Elijah wakes up on his birthday, sees his cake, and probably asks the question "Did she mean to make it wonky, Mummy?"

The answer, obviously, is "Of course, honey! The creative cake lady was just really clever and made the truck look like it has no suspension in the whole left side, probably from cornering too hard or braking too suddenly... or, something."

"Mummy... What's suspension?"

"Something that your cake is missing on its left side, dear."

See, from some angles, it doesn't do it's wonkiness justice... It looks, well, quite normal, upright, and delicious!! With M 'n' Ms as the 'rubbish', both in the truck and in garbage bags ready to be collected, amidst yummy gummy worms working their way to/from the truck:

But then... You see a photo from the back, and well... Enough said! It's soooo wonky!! :(

I had a friend visiting us at the time I was decorating, and as I was icing the "3" on top, I actually was sad that I couldn't manage it to be perfectly centred... She brightened the mood, though, by confidently declaring that "at least it matches the rest of the cake!"

So, whenever you think of garbage trucks, forgetting to put bins out, donkeys, wonkiness, and friends who make you feel better by making light of somewhat slanty situations... Think of this:

Happy birthday Elijah!

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