Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Celebrating new life.

When someone decides to become a Christian, it is a big deal. They've decided to accept God's offer of forgiveness, and be part of a church family.

It is a time for rejoicing and celebrating!

And it is definitely a reason to bake a cake.

This has happened recently in our church. We've had a friend who's accepted Christianity in the opposite way to what you'd expect: she found out about us (church) through a kids holiday program, then came along to our bible study, next joined us (the church) for a weekend away, and then came along to her first church service on Sunday!

It is exciting news when someone close to you decides to change their lives and put their faith and trust in Jesus.

As I pondered what I was going to bake/make for this occasion, I had many ideas. I concluded with a present cake, because salvation is a gift from God, not earned through anything we do ourselves.

It was simple, and apparently both "cute" and "delicious" :)

I chose the verse because it matched the theme of the cake... Or perhaps I chose the design of the cake because it matched the verse...?

Which is (in full - my writing was a bit too big to fit it all onto the cake):

"... But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus."
- Romans 6:23

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