Sunday, 13 April 2014

Overdue poetry!

Exactly one month ago, Created Creatively reached 200 likes!

Finally, the promised celebratory poem has been written. This is therefore dedicated to the 200th liker. He knows who he is :)

There once lived a guy near my street,
Who is often referred to as Pete.
He's a nice kind of guy,
But some may start to cry
If they capture the scent of his feet.

On the side, I've a blog that I write,
And a Facebook page I created one night.
With the help of his wife,
Or the threat on his life,
Pete became my 200th 'like'!

I really prefer cupcakes and cake,
Because poems are much harder to make.
But I promised something wordy,
And since this poem’s not that sturdy...
The end.

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