Thursday, 3 July 2014

A history of violence...

Today, as I sit alone at home trying my best to find anything to do except housework, I stumbled across the enrolment form for my youngest to start school next year.

I decided that now would be a great time to fill that out - while it's quiet, and I can neatly fit my tiny letters into the little boxes because no-one is about to pounce on me, poke me, or demand I make them food.

It was all going fine until I came to this question:

"Does your child have a history of violent behaviour?"

I paused, not knowing exactly how honest I should be.

Do I tell them that he has been known to practice his ninja skills by sneaking up on his brother and sister, and punching them when they're not looking?

Do I tell them that he imitates Hulk, including body stance and grunting, and then slams his whole body onto his bed and bashes his Hulk-like fists against the pillow, when he's told it's time to turn off the Xbox?

Do I tell them that he used to leave tiny bite marks embedded into the arms, legs, backs, and shoulders of his older siblings when they were in the middle of playing with LEGO?

Do I tell them that he launches himself off furniture with reckless abandon and without care who/what's in his way, often leading to blood splatter all over the floor and walls?

Do I tell them that he sometimes uses people as trampolines?

Part of me wonders if this counts as 'a history of violence' or, if it simply a young boy still working out life, social etiquette, and the rules for communication. He is only 4, after all.

After some hesitation, I somehow ended up ticking the "No" box... Because, seriously, who wants to explain why his current favourite 'hero' is actually the super-aggressive bad guy? And in reality, I need them to be willing to accept him into school next year, or I will go mental.

In the meantime, perhaps we can limit the amount of violent cartoons and movies he watches...

Which appears to be everything!

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