Friday, 27 February 2015

Back to school!

I will admit that there's times I wonder if I should've been a teacher. A teacher who finds amazing and unique <cough-fromPinterest-cough> artworks and activities for my students to do*, and a teacher who's classroom is always so neat and organised and colourful.

I convince myself that this could still be achieved despite my inability to keep my own house neat and organised...

It is colourful, though: It has a green chalk smear on that wall, a trail of white toilet paper through the hallway, blue toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror, red spaghetti still on the table from last night, and oh look, the lounge room is covered with bright and colourful toys and quilts... again.

Clearly, I occasionally have a fairy tale image of what a teacher is/does, making it out to be the easiest job in the world, when I know that it is most definitely not.

When these moments of teacherhood wonder and enthusiasm come, it's usually when I'm printing, cutting, and laminating pieces of paper, feeling super organised and creative.

But, suddenly that bubble of creativity pops when my hungry children start demanding that I make them food, and I look towards the clock to see that it's bedtime already and we haven't had dinner yet, when I realise that there is no way I could do this every day.

Which is why I am so grateful that there are people in the world who have chosen teaching as their profession, and who now get to look after (and teach, mentor, entertain, and care for) all three of my children all day so that I can have a few hours of silence to catch up on housework and not listen to kids (not just my own) talking/arguing at/to me for many consecutive hours over many consecutive days...

School has recently gone back. And by "recently", I mean 5 weeks ago and we're suddenly half way through the first term - and how did that happen again??

But, hey, better late than never, right***?

Since before the new school year started, I wanted to make something small but special for my kids' teachers. Being partly inspired by my stationary cake (which, really, could be given to teachers at any time of the year rather than right at the end when they have to wait for school to go back to actually use it); and also by various teacher gifts I'd noticed on Pinterest (during the 'procrastination lesson' I thought about preparing).

Of course, days went by, and weeks, and I still hadn't made anything.

But what really inspired me to finally make something, was when a friend posted this funny list of 'very real teacher ailments and diseases' on Facebook.

I thought the list was great, and with anything you think is pretty great - you want to share it. So I got creative and typed, printed, cut, and laminated them all for the teachers that have the, uh, pleasure of teaching my crazy offspring this year.

Of course, credit for this list has and still goes to A Crucial Week blog.

Fitting to the theme of ailments and diseases, of course, is hand sanitiser. So once the little lists were ready, I collated and attached them to a bottle of Germ Eraser Gel for each of the kids' teachers:

 With this picture stuck to the other side:

... Because germs aren't cool! But teachers are :)

* Because that's all teachers do, right? Painting and craft?**

** I'm totally joking.

*** Does this apply for birthday cards, too?

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