Friday, 7 March 2014

Feeling a bit Creeper-y!

So what is a Creeper?

I s'pose you could define a "creeper" as an armless bomb with legs. Because in the game of Minecraft, Creepers approach players... and then EXPLODE, causing massive damage to them and their blocks within a small area, and even kill mobs if they're close enough.

Sounds pretty creepy, right?! And they look pretty freaky, too:

Recently, I was asked to make another Minecraft cake. Since I have already attempted one in the past, and did NOT want to repeat the same complications that I experienced with the first one, I simplified everything. I choose to make a "Creeper" face cake, with just one shade of green, like this:

With this simplified Creeper face as a reference, I measured the eyes and mouth, so that everything was proportioned correctly. I drew them onto baking paper, to cut out and use on the fondant.

I was a bit nervous about covering this cake. I'm still not sure if I prefer prefer decorating round cakes or square cakes. With the Sharks cake I'd made the day before (and any stripy round cake), it was easy to cover up the creases, fold, and overlapping parts with extra strips of fondant... I'm still working out the best method for covering square cakes... Usually I pinch and cut off excess fondant at the corner edges, but this time, I was so pleased that the fondant I used was soft enough to manipulate around the corners without having to pinch the corners and cut pieces off!

No joke, it was probably the quickest I'd ever decorated a cake... Ever.

Once the cake was complete, it was time to move onto the cupcakes that were to go with it.

I will admit that I cheated with the cupcakes.

I did this with the knowledge and permission of the friend I was making it for, because I knew that I would not be able to make a cupcake topper to look like this:

After a quick eBay search, though, I found someone who could! And who was clever at many different Minecraft cupcake toppers, too! FTW!

These also meant that all I needed to do was make the cupcakes, pipe buttercream icing onto them, place these amazing toppers on top, and voila!

And finally the most important part of a cake's life:
Being eaten at the birthday party!

 Happy birthday Daniel!

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