Monday, 25 June 2012

Bottle top art...

As I've mentioned previously, I collect bottle lids! (my husband is seriously getting close to organising an intervention... Or worse - a clean up!)

A friend of mine once told me that she had started collecting bottle lids (the big ones - like on juice and milk bottles) because they were all the same size! I hadn't paid much attention to bottle lids before then, so I started collecting them, too. Before I knew it, I was sneaking coloured bottle lids from friends' and families' recycling boxes, and putting them in my pocket on my way out of their homes! ... Habit? Addiction? Serious mental health issue that needed immediate attention and possible medication? Hmm...

Anyway, after washing and drying them, I was 'storing' all these bottle tops in one of my kitchen drawers... As the drawer was getting harder to close (not because of bottle lids, but because I also stored margarine and take-away containers in the drawer, too) it became apparent that I NEEDED to go through that drawer and sort it out.

This was the outcome of the lid collection:

So many bottle lids!
White - 66
Blue - 24
Light blue - 40
Very light blue - 2
Green - 24
Light green - 2
Yellow - 31
Red - 11
Orange - 9
Pink - 14
Dark pink - 1
Purple - 2
Black - 13
Brown - 2
Dark brown - 3
Light brown - 1
Gold - 1
Clear - 4

Total - 250 ... Far out!

As I Google'd what I could possibly do creatively with bottle lids, I came across a few interesting ideas. Bottle lid 'monsters', and bottle lid 'lady beetles' were my favourite. I then started playing around with ideas, and I had already painted some canvases with a sky and hilltops (that I had planned for another craft, but didn't get around to it), so thought that would make the perfect backdrop for some flowers! (And a lady beetle!)

I used PVA glue around the edges of the lids to stick them onto the canvas.
It took a little while to dry, but, ta-da!

This is what it looks like:

There's still a couple of finishing touches I'd like to do, like putting eyes on the poor little lady beetle, and somehow adding a strip of something (maybe green crepe paper?) down the stems of the flowers to cover up use-by dates...

Only 215 bottle lids to go :)

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