Friday, 15 June 2012

A glass of wine at Christmas time...

For Christmas last year, I really wanted to give our families something different... And personal! Something that couldn't just be bought at the shops, or online... So after a little bit (massive amounts) of researching crafty things to make, I thought of painted wine glasses! I then Google'd some different designs for inspiration...

Determined to start this as soon as possible (as always when I have an idea of something to make!), I bought the wine glasses in bulk (that day!), and went to Spotlight to buy some glass paints :)

Once revealing to a friend my plan for painted wine glasses for family members, and because I thought it would be a nice touch to somehow involve my children in the painting as well (I don't handle painty mess very well- and they had to be perfect), he gave me the idea of printing out pictures, and sticking them to the inside of the glasses to 'paint over' - FANTASTIC! It worked beautifully, and the kids could join in the fun, and on the Christmas tag, we wrote which child had painted the glass for them! It was lovely.

Ben and Tamara helped choose which 'flowers' they thought each family member would like on their wine glass, so I printed out some outlines, and away we were! Tamara LOVED painting the glasses :)

Ben on the other hand, enjoyed it for a few minutes, but was more eager to get back to playing his PS3 game... I 'spose he gets that from his dad!

Flowers were the easiest to paint, and after the kids did their round of painting, I put on a second coat, painted the stems and leaves at the bottom of each glass, as well as drew on the outlines around the leaves and petals...

On the base of the wine glass, I wrote their names, too... To make it a bit more personalised :)

So that was one family done... Reuben's family became a bit trickier! I had originally thought of the idea of painted wine glasses when I was thinking of what to get/make for my father-in-law (a wine connoisseur)! Flowers for ladies worked well, and Reuben's brother and sister were given something EXTREMELY different!

Knowing this would be a winner with my brother-in-law (and it totally was!! - he took it to the Christmas lunch we had about 30 minutes after opening it) I painted the Batman symbol :)

My sister-in-law likes Phoenix's, but I had it in my mind that painting a Phoenix onto a wine glass would be far too advanced, and impossible for me!! But then I found an 'outline' of one, and it seemed to work! The 3 stage process of the Phoenix wine glass (and all of them, really) went like this:

And last but most certainly not least... A decision needed to be made for what would be painted on a wine glass for my grandmother-in-law... Something classy and stylish, and with a last name like 'Rose', I thought a rose would suit perfectly! Add a couple of butterflies, and you have a wine glass fit for a grandmother! She doesn't drink wine, but I think she liked it :)

Now I just need to find something new to make for our families for THIS Christmas! :)

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