Thursday, 30 August 2012

Book Week!

Even without spending a whole lot of time or money on outfits for my kids to wear to the Book Week Parade this year, I thought they were probably our best outfits!

Refusing to even consider my son's 'amazing idea' and 'request' for a Skylanders outfit, I went through my daughter's bookshelf one day (with a plan to soon tidy it all up), hoping that something would jump out at me which we would have an outfit for already...

And then... Roald Dahl jumped out at me! (not literally, of course, that would be ridiculous)!

Matilda! Tamara loves Matilda, and going through her wardrobe I found a white shirt and a blue dress- fabulous! School shoes will do the job, and all I needed to buy was some red ribbon to go in her hair.

Total cost: $2.00


Ben then had the idea of going as Matilda's brother, but I was sure I could find something else just as good (and perhaps a more obvious character)       .                                          

We chose Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ben could wear his pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers... We already had a walking stick (I have no idea why), and all I needed to buy was a hat and some grey wool for Grandpa's 'hair'.

Total cost: $6.50

By working out what outfits my kids would be wearing for this year's Book Week Parade, it became obvious that Ben can now dramatically master an 'old man', and well, I already knew that Tamara can master a 'sweet and innocent little girl'.
I wonder what last-minute-outfits-made-from-random-scraps-because-I-forgot-and-ran-low-on-cash the kids will be wearing next year... I'm sure it will almost certainly involve pyjamas ;)

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