Sunday, 30 June 2013

End of Financial Year... Cake!

I know... I know what you're thinking: Geez, this woman really will use any excuse to bake! End of Financial Year Cake?? Puh-lease!

Well, this cake was actually suggested by my husband... Yep! The same husband who claims that I have an uncontrollable addiction to baking, which may end with one us needing therapy,* (N.B. Not my other husband, who absolutely loves seeing me constantly next to the oven, hovering over the kitchen bench, spreading flour and icing sugar everywhere, and who just can't get enough of me making delicious and amazing looking sweet things every. single. day)...

Hmm... Well. End of Financial Year - A time when many places hold sales, others just close up shop and go out partying... And me? Well, I just bake.

EOFY marks the first half of the year over... Bang. Gone. And now the glass is half empty.

I (because of my husband's suggestion) wanted this cake to be a giant cupcake, so that I could practice making giant chocolate patty cases... So after drawing some ideas,** I had concluded that the theme of this giant cupcake will be money, which turned into a rainbow, because money is kind of like a rainbow. See?

I showed said drawing to my husband, and once he'd finished rolling his eyes at the intensity (or in his words "stupidity") of what I wanted to make, he said "No one will get the money colour reference."

... So I added dollar signs to it :)

After that, I relied heavily on Cupcake Addiction's YouTube tutorials - and made:
My giant chocolate patty case :)

I know the colours aren't exactly on the money (ha, get it) but if I had more time, money (ha, again), and resources to re-do it, I still probably would have done it the same way... Except maybe make the pink on top a bit lighter. And the yellow a bit golden, and the green darker, okay okay, I'll stop. It was good practice making a giant cupcake!

I tied a ribbon around the base, because (I think) the weight of the cake was making it split a bit, and I wanted to give it a bit more support, and not have it fall to pieces as it sits on the train city-bound. It's a bonus that it also looks pretty:

Cake and tax returns... Yum.

Here it is (after surviving the train ride) with some little 'EOFY'
additions, set up at my husband's work place:

Happy End of Financial Year!!

* Or me needing to get myself a proper job.

** I generally draw my ideas now (some call it sketching, but mine rarely make any sense to anyone but me anyway), because it's much easier to visualise them, and it makes me feel more confident knowing exactly the way people want them to look like when I'm asked to make a cake.


  1. masterpiece, always genius Nat!

  2. saw these and thought of you:

    1. Ah, and now my list of things I want (for baking purposes) just got much longer! :)

  3. and I 'like' this one too: