Monday, 27 August 2012

I'm back! And it's a beautiful day!

After being MIA due to studying for an exam, and what seems like forever since writing a blog post, I am back! My exam is now over, and my brain is (slowly) regaining some form of knowledge other than what I've been cramming into it for the last 2 months, and especially the last 2 weeks...

My husband will tell you that when I study for an exam, nothing else matters... Poor guy had to cook most nights with whatever he could find in the cupboard, the quality of my kids' homework declined, and we were living out of a washing basket (or the piles of clothes I constantly moved onto the floor)... Oops... And this morning as my kids were getting ready for school, it was almost like dominoes that there was no bread, no fruit, and nothing in the 'recess basket'... At least there was enough milk for cereal and coffee!

But now... Now I feel an immense sense of motivation to change all of that!! Well, maybe after I shake this darn flu that I picked up while I was studying...

But now I'm freeeee! *imagine me singing that*

Today, there's a month's worth of socks to finally roll up, a house to finally vacuum and mop, and bed sheets to finally wash (maybe that's why I'm sick?), and grocery shopping to be done... Hmm... Perhaps I will rest tomorrow...

Before I get to all those fabulous house-wife tasks, I thought I'd share with you some moments that have made me chuckle recently.

Ben: "Hey mum, did you know that Grandpa's car can have six CDs in at one time?"
Me: *Not quite looking up from my study book* "Cool."
Ben: "Yeah, I think I'm gonna save up for a car like that."
Me: "You know, Ben, that your iPod touch can hold like 20 CDs..."
Ben: "What? How do you fit that many CDs into something smaller than my hand?"
Me: "Oh dear... Ask dad."

Tamara: "Hey mum, do you remember when you were changing Jono's nappy in our old house, and he did a poo before you put a new nappy on him?"
Me: "What?"
Tamara: *giggling* "Yeah, and you were like 'ohh Jono'"
Me: "Why do you remember stuff like that?"
Tamara: "Because I'm young and my memory is better than yours"

Me: "Jonathan, come and have your medicine"
Jono: *covering his mouth* "No. Noo. Is gusting." (translation - "it's disgusting")
Me: "It will make you better."
Ben: "Yeah Jono. It takes like lemonade!"
Jono: "Beeennn... I said Nooo!"

Most people dread Mondays, but today is a beautiful day, and I am so pleased that it is Monday! Spring is certainly in the air, and without the stress of study and an exam on my shoulders now, I am sensing Spring will involve some major de-cluttering...

Simple is good. Monday is good. Life is good. God is good :)

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