Thursday, 2 August 2012

No. More. Pokémon. After. This. Post.

A few blog posts ago, I shared the creative moments and bright ideas I'd had for my son's Pokémon Party. His actual birthday was on a school day the following week, and he was still uber keen for me to make some Pokémon cupcakes for his classmates- and his sister, and her classmates, and every single teacher in the school, of course- to share (I limited it to much much less than that)... But, instead of the Poké Ball cupcakes again, I decided to get out Ben's Pokémon Official Guide and work out a few Pokémon's that I'd actually be able to make... And so I present the cupcakes I made for Ben to take to school on his actual birthday (and I've added what the cupcake characters were meant to look like):

"Poliwhirl" - Blue icing, one Nestle White Chocolate Melt, chocolate frosting for the swirl and eyes, and white chocolate 'Bits' for the eyes.

"Mew" - Pink (well, it was supposed to be) icing, one pink marshmallow halved, and different coloured frostings for the tail (yep, that's what it is), eyes, ears, and belly button (in the Official Guide there's something there!)

And, "Pikachu" - Yellow icing, different coloured frostings, and a red snake cut up for the cheeks (if I was more organised, I'd have used red Smarties)

In working out how to get them to school, I had found another use for bottle lids! I own (and used it for this occasion) one of those 24 carry cupcake tray holder things (I wasn't going to use it initially because I hadn't used muffin cases, I'd used smaller patty cases, so the cupcakes that I put into the baking tray were tricky to get out)... So I used the bottle lids to provide that little bit of a boost so they could be picked up easily! Horray for last minute planning and hundreds of bottle lids!

I think that I deserve some next level "mum points" after this, and I will use those points to avoid hearing any reference to Pokémon for at least a year. Or a week. Or even an hour would be nice :)

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