Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Deefa at the farm...

We have just come back from giving ourselves a spontaneous extended long weekend... We went to visit family, who live on a sheep and cattle farm, and it was so nice changing scenery and enjoying life slow down for a few days.

I think the boys in my family were the ones who enjoyed this trip the most (they were totally in their 'zone')... Fresh air; thousands of acres to run around in; dogs; and quad bikes. A love they all share.

The day before we were to return home, we went on a very long quad bike ride around many paddocks to check their pasture. Deefa came with us, but he was not a big fan of riding in the quad bike, like the other farm dogs. So he ran beside the bikes instead, and looked fairly content with doing that.

That was when my husband clocked him running at 45km p/h!

As well as being a super quick puppy, we found out over the weekend that our half border collie puppy has absolutely no interest in sheep! So much for being (half) a 'sheep dog'!

He was much more interested in playing with the other dogs/puppies; eating the grass; and running like mad through the paddocks next to us on the quad bikes... He went for his first swim in the creek, and didn't seem to mind it that much... He often plays in the puddles whenever it floods in our backyard, so we were interested in finding out what he'd think of being neck deep in water.

Deefa has such a nice running stride, but gee he looked old when he stopped.

Poor thing must have run about 20km on that trip. And that was just one of the times we went out and about on the farm!

It was no surprise, then, that on the way back from our 2 hour bike ride to check the pastures for the sheep/cattle, Deefa was more comfortable/happy riding in the back of the quad bike :)

The next day, still recovering from all the running he had done for three days, he slept and snored for most of the 6 hours in the car ride back home, which was very cute indeed...

I suppose he can stay :)

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