Friday, 19 October 2012

New baby boy cakes!

With 3 different sets of neighbours on my block having babies (all boys) within 4 weeks of each other, I wanted to create something unique, special and different for some "Congratulations on your new baby boy" gifts...

So, of course, I decided to bake.

With the success of mixing two colours together with my horse cupcakes earlier this week, I thought that this time I would combine three colours together. The three babies born on my block were all boys, so the colours I chose to combine were blue, green, and white.

Without wanting to refill my piping bag (and because I figured there'd be less mess this way), I stood the piping bag up in a glass. I didn't actually need as much icing as I put in, so I may just have to bake more cupcakes to use it all up ;)

This will definitely be a method I will use again. The glass held the bag steady so that I could just keep spooning more and more icing into it (probably why I spooned in a bit too much in the first place, though)...

I still have some practicing to do with piping techniques, but this is by far the easiest method of icing I have come across. There's no spreading, no scraping. Just line up the nozzle and squeeze :)

This is what the icing piped onto my 'baby boy cakes' looked like:

For the baby feet (I've wanted to create these for ages), I had thought of using jelly beans, but I am all for matching, and because I only had white or chocolate fudge writing gel things, I used chocolate coated sultanas instead.

Dabbing the toes on meant precision, symmetry, and dedication... At least for the first couple of cupcakes. Unfortunately, they look more like bear feet than baby feet, and some of the feet have webbed toes, but this is what they all look like!

To wrap up the cupcakes, I went to the local take away store and purchased cardboard noodle containers. Once putting cupcakes inside, I wrapped them up with blue cellophane :)

For cards, I made my own with some plain cardboard and wrapping paper. I had some Baby Boy Christening Day wrapping paper (for some reason - unused), and began to cut out a couple of the pictures to stick on. Then with a silver paint texta, I wrote "Congratulations!" down the bottom!

Newborn babies are so sweet and little and cute and precious, and I am not clucky at all... Ah who am I kidding, I totally am ;)

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