Friday, 15 November 2013

20 little ducks went out one day...

To me, ducks have always been cute. I remember whenever (even as an adult) we'd go to the farmyard section at the Easter show, I'd spend as long as possible watching the ducklings. With their cute little waddling tails, and their tiny duckling sized slippery dip that they waddle up and slide down... Aaaaaww!

We are lucky to live in a suburb that is home to many ducks, and I never fail to point them out to my children, who seem equally as excited to see them on the side of the road, or by the pond, or right outside our window, resting under the tree.

Earlier this year, Husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Disney World, Florida. During lunch on one of our days there, we watched a little duck family go for a swim in our resort pool, which was one of the cutest things that I remember from our holiday:

Last weekend, I had the special privilege of making surprise baby shower cupcakes for a friend's baby shower. As the gender of the baby was unknown, the colour/theme of the baby shower was yellow, and ducks!
Once my friend showed me a photo of the type of cupcakes she wanted for the day (they were for her sister- also a friend), I started preparing. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to make ducks out of fondant, so I relied on YouTube to help me out (my imaginary career really would suffer if it weren't for YouTube and Google)!

I searched 'how to make a fondant duck' and found this tutorial. It was great! I didn't need to sift through any more videos, because that one was perfect. I got to work making them, and was honestly quite surprised with how easy it was.

Once their bodies were made, I added their tiny beaks, feet, and eyes. Some were made to look like their bums were stuck up in the air, too - so cute!

After wondering whether or not I should, I ended up making some wings for them all, too:

I placed them all ever so gently on top of the cupcakes, which were piped with buttercream icing:

Then the bubbles became the next concern... Once the ducks were made and on their cupcakes, I mixed up some royal icing, and added a little bit of blue, and piped 'bubbles' all the way around the ducks. They weren't perfect, but you get the idea:

And then they were finished!

How's this for Sydney weather- the cupcakes were delivered on a 40 degree Saturday, ready for the baby shower the following day... When it was a maximum of 20 degrees, and raining! Perfect duck weather :)

Lastly, the set up at the baby shower, with a big mummy duck on top:

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