Monday, 4 November 2013

Monsters, ahh!

A couple of months ago, as I dropped my youngest off at preschool, I confused the heck out of him because I didn't actually leave preschool that morning... He kept asking why I was still there, and it was because I had been asked to teach him and his class the art of cupcake decorating (in advance, not on the spot like that).

Previously, I'd taught a room full of adults how to decorate character cupcakes. But this was the first time I'd be teaching a room full of 3-5 year olds- with a lesson, laminated cut outs, appropriate anxiety meltdowns, and everything!

I had chosen two designs for the preschoolers to make: Cookie Monster*, and Mike Wazowski.

* A known favourite and easily mastered cupcake.

I have a confession to make: This was actually the first time I'd attempted to make Mike Wazowski cupcakes myself, let alone teach it to others! During my preparation time, I was reminded of when I failed at Mike Wazowski cake pops... That was probably the time my anxiety kicked in, and I started freaking out about teaching tiny, absorbent minds like I knew what I was talking about.

In my head, it was going to be great! Though, it always is in my head.

Despite being armed with various cut-outs, a white board, and blu-tac, the 'lesson' part was a bit of a blur. I do, however, remember saying things like "what does a chicken say?", "how do you get milk from a cow?", and "it's probably not the best idea to do that when the oven's on, though..."

The cut outs were meant to represent the recipe and method of how to make the cupcakes the kids were about to decorate. Totally worth the anxiety and printer ink, otherwise my lesson would have been a total of 3.5 minutes long. I had instruction sheets for Mike and Cookie, as I call them, on the board, but I still demonstrated each of them.

In regards to the cupcake decorating, I was impressed! I shouldn't be impressed, but I was. I often think that I'm the only one who is capable of doing such things, or, that there's no way kids (especially as young as 3) would be able to master the same skills so quickly. It was quite a humbling experience.

It was also a bit scary being seen as the person in charge. The children put their hands up respectfully,;asked/answered questions; told me their tales about seeing Monsters Inc movies or dressing up; and shared about pet chickens. In their eyes, for just a moment, I was a hero! An academic freak of nature who just stumbled upon their little classroom that day to teach them amazing things about Sesame Street and Monsters Inc cupcakes... I indeed won many hearts that day as I was, once again, referred to as "Mrs Rose".

Here's mine, and his - Mike Wazowski with 5 horns and no eyes:

That same day, I was asked two things:

1. Could I please, please, please come back again and teach the kids more cupcakes? (apparently it was excellent and even the teachers had fun)...


2. Could I make some Monster's Inc/University themed cupcakes for one of the teacher's sons, who's birthday was coming up?

I accepted both.

I have yet to mentally prepare myself to teach again, but, from the second question I was asked, I have added more characters to my repertoire to potentially teach, as I created Monsters University themed cupcakes for the teacher's son's birthday, which was today:

Happy birthday Zach!!

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