Monday, 24 March 2014

Birthday countdown!

It's now exactly 2 months until my birthday!

It has become clear and confronting* that I am not where I would like to be fitness/weight/health-wise (though, I've had an inkling for several years now). I'm still holding onto so many different tops, dresses, and pairs of jeans in the hope that maybe, just maybe, I might one day actually fit into them again...

* Mainly whenever I get dressed, or stumble upon my reflection.

Some people <coughHusbandcough> might say that I'm a bit impulsive. Which could be the whole reason for this post. Knowing that I've spent the last couple of months getting into yet another eating-all-the-time/not-exercising-at-all rut, having a two month time frame 'til my birthday, and being inspired by another friend doing something similar, I have now made a goal to complete two separate 30-day challenges in time for my birthday!

Instead of particular body part exercise challenges (e.g. squat or plank), I've chosen all-rounder and appropriately named challenges: The 30 Day Beach Body Challenge, and the 30 Day Little Black Dress Challenge.

Sounds sexy, right? And it just so happens that I have a little black dress that I'd like to fit into again!

Here's what the challenge with the most appropriate background picture looks like:

Though they may look like there's only a couple of minutes a day needed to complete them, I am sure they will be hard work, otherwise they wouldn't be called "challenges"! And there's probably going to be a few exercises that I'll need to Google to find out what they are...

But I'm most certain that I will need a bit of creative encouragement to get me through the next 2 months without giving up!

Would anyone like to join me with a 30-day challenge?
Day #1 is today!

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