Tuesday, 15 July 2014

School supplies!

The start of a new school year is often filled with excitement, nervousness, and change. There's "Back to School" sales, purchases of new shoes, textbooks, uniform, socks, hair clips, and excessive amounts of stationary...

The very first day usually involves a well presented uniform, neat and tidy hair styles, and white as white socks. Perhaps there's loving notes in lunchboxes, carefully arranged food and snacking items, and a new drink bottle with a freshly written name label.

Probably not by the first day of Term 3. For me, there's still excitement, but it's not regarding a new stage of life, or about kids growing up and being just that extra little bit proud of them... It's about the prospect of me gaining control over a routine again!

Saying that, this morning was not an organised occasion. Though everyone was awake with plenty of time to get ready, we still managed to leave the house just in time to get to school by the bell. See, I was too busy decorating biscuits to make (or supervise the making of) lunches, so I don't even know what Ben and Tamara had to eat today - hopefully they didn't just pack chips.

Because last night, I thought that it would be a nice idea to bring some biscuits in to school, for the kids to share with their classmates. But since I wasn't organised enough, and thought of it too late - the kids were on their own in the 'getting ready for school again' caper, while I focussed on my task... Not that they were ready in time, either.

But it was worth it, because most people that I know like stationary. So, inspired by constantly-needing-to-be-sharpened lead pencils, I made pencil biscuits!

And, with the happiness that comes with two less children for the day, I wanted to feel a bit fancy! So I added a ribbon (and rubber bands to keep the glad wrap down, 'cos that's how I roll).

I call them "school supplies"... Essential school supplies :)

Happy first day back at school!!

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