Tuesday, 29 July 2014

And I said "What about cake at Tiffany's?"

The first time a box with the words Tiffany & Co. came into contact with my hands was when I was given a silver bangle from my father in law for one of my birthdays (I think it was a birthday, but it could have been Christmas) in the early years of marriage... Before he realised that I was crazy.

At that stage, Tiffany & Co. boxes weren't edible.

Over the weekend, I got to make my very first edible Tiffany & Co box! Having some practice a couple of weeks ago for my friend's 40th, I had made a 'stack' of 'presents' <cough-cakes-cough> to make sure this box could look its best.

A while ago, while not even shopping for this cake yet, I came across food colourings in Spotlight, a Purple, which I needed for the 'stack' I just mentioned, and one 'Teal', which I knew I needed for this Tiffany & Co. box! As I was blending it into the fondant, I did use a touch of Emerald Green colour as well, but I was so happy with the colour it turned out to be :)

The technique I found the easiest for this style of cake, was to cover the sides first, either individually or having the fondant pieces 'meet' underneath where a 'ribbon' would later sit. In the making of it, though, I had totally forgotten that there was going to be this ribbon (I had thought only about the bow to sit on top), so I'd joined the pieces at the edge corners, and later face-palmed myself for not remembering.

The top (or... 'lid' as it may also be knows as) was fairly simple to do - once the fondant is rolled and placed on the cake, the overhanging sides are trimmed down, squared off, pinched together at the corners, and then glued into place with sugar glue :)

The bow I had made in advance, and wrapped around two glad wrap rolls overnight to set. Sadly, a bit of the fondant had stuck to the roll - so what was originally going to be the front of the bow, was adjusted to become the back. I added the ribbon around the cake,  ribbon 'hanging' from the bow, and glued the bow neatly into place.

 A bit of a tidy up later, and the cake looks like this:

It was now time for the finer details - the writing. Because otherwise it just looks like a normal box, and not a crazily expensive box!

As requested, the final touch was having matching hearts and stars sticking out of the bow, some of which had 'curly' wires. I really liked this addition to the cake!

And then it was finished! A Tiffany & Co. edible jewellery present box cake thing, that didn't cost nearly as much as a bangle a sixteenth of it's size!

Happy birthday Amelia!! :)

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