Monday, 18 August 2014

My Maddening Monday!

Rain, rain, pouring down,
Making puddles on the ground.
Soon the puddles will get so large,
To get to school, we'll need a barge.

"I HATE the rain!" I scream out loud,
I hate the sky so full of cloud.
I hate that socks, and shoes will get soaked.
"Let's stay at home", the children joked.

... Except when rain gets in the way.
I considered keeping kids at home,
But I really need some time alone!!

So we caught the barge out to the car,
We all get in, though we don't travel far.
I curse other drivers, who stop where they please.
"Are you serious!?" I say "Just so your kids don't freeze!?"

Arrived at school, and the umbrella is stuck!
I may have said something rhyming with duck.
The kids hurried off, because the school bell just rang,
Then onto the next stop, we left with a bang.

For the entire weekend, I looked forward to today.
But now, I just want to wish it away.
I hate the rain! I seriously do.
And knowing our luck, we'll all soon have the flu.

Meanwhile at home, I now only feel bored.
Even though a "day to myself" I had scored.
I don't feel like cleaning, or even watching TV.
So screw you, rain! You wrecked my day for me.

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