Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Once upon a time, it was freezing* outside.

* My definition of "freezing" is anything under 18°C, by the way.

We had recently added a new DVD to our collection of movies, and it had been watched a handful of times within the first couple of weeks of the purchase. From my Facebook news feed, it was assumed that this movie was certainly a highlight of other households, and watched on repeat - but I didn't mind, because it's quite a likeable movie!

On this memorably cold occasion (not too long ago), I was feeling a bit bored, and a bit impulsive (a regular state of mind I experience). So, I decided to make a snowman, out of fondant, based on this loveable character from the new movie, Frozen:

I'd been practicing the week before making some zoo animals out of fondant, so had a rough idea of how I was going to make my very own miniature "Olaf". Not knowing if it was going to work or not, I only took pictures once he'd been finished...

And I was surprised, to be honest, that I actually made him right!

Upon posting a photo of my little snowman on Facebook, there were many compliments about how cute he looked, and how I managed to capture his character within the fondant. It was a fluke, I promise!

Frozen is still a favourite (of mine), and my fondant Olaf currently lives in my kitchen, and brightens my mornings whenever I make myself coffee.

Do you like Winter? Or are you more a Summer lover? :)

"Hands down this is the best day of my life...
[starts melting]
... and possibly the last."
- Olaf.

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