Sunday, 10 August 2014

Who ruined the pineapple under the sea?

After years of practicing on at least a thousand of them, I was sure that cupcakes were something that I was reasonably good at.

But on one beautifully sunny day, when I was ready to make what I believed would be a simple design, my ego was shattered, and the confidence in my skills were crushed into the ground...

... and then squished into tiny pieces that take forever to get out of the carpet.

If you still think highly of my skills by the end of this post, then I know you are a true friend. Because it was me... I was the one who ruined the pineapple under the sea.

Though I was off to a good start creating the eyes of Sponge Bob, and the body of Patrick (fairly straight forward shapes, to be honest), the day (and cupcakes!) quickly turned into a tragic Halloween movie. And there was NO turning it off. To put it kindly, think Silence of the Lamb meets The Dark Knight's Joker on a scene of Tropic Thunder.

For some bizarre reason, I thought Sponge Bob needed teeth implants, and heavy-duty eyelash extensions (waterproof, of course). Like a flashback to Bob's early adolescence, he awkwardly stumbled around trying to find his identity despite his super oily skin and wonky teeth, while displaying all the signs that he was quite likely dropped on the head as a baby.

In a sudden twist of events, someone attacked Sponge Bob's face (behind my back!), causing him to bleed all over his new braces. It was like Hannibal Lector finally met The Joker... and became my cupcake.


In the midst of this irreversible horror movie, Patrick was either floating on his pants because he drank too much sea water; or, he's imitating a Mexican drug smuggler, attempting unsubtly to sell his younger sisters to random tourists passing by, in a voice and manner that  can only resemble Speedy Gonzales... On drugs.

Basically, I chose the cupcakes likely to cause
the least amount of trauma to take to the party:

When I arrived with them, I was honestly surprised when people actually recognised the characters I so awfully attempted to create. I put it down to me announcing in advance that I would be bringing Sponge Bob cupcakes, and they were trying to make me feel better.

I'm currently not sure if I will cross them off my Cupcake Bucket List yet, or attempt them once again.

Tiara Cupcakes
LEGO man cupcakes
Hungry Little Caterpillar Cupcakes
Disney Princess Cupcakes
Sponge Bob Cupcakes?  Nailed it ... Half a point.

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