Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A carton of roses.

Roses can be red, or white, or yellow, or blue.
These ones are me practicing for when they say "I do."
Last weekend, I wanted to start practicing making fondant roses for an upcoming wedding cake. The bride assured me that she did not mind whether the roses on top of the cake she asked me to make were edible or fake, but I really wanted to give real ones a shot!

As I usually do, I went straight to YouTube to search some tutorials on how to make these. And I was surprised at how easy they were!

I found two that I really liked (though, after watching them both, I didn't feel I needed to watch any more!). They were both very well explained, but the technique I used for my very first practice roses, was taken from the video I've added below, of a guy who uses only his hands, (i.e. no cutters, rolling pins, or fancy tools!) to make them:

As I mentioned at the top of this post, I was so surprised at how easy they were! I'd been delaying and delaying attempting to make real flowers out of fondant, because I wasn't sure how I'd cope with the crushing reality of failure.

But, since I was happy with how well they worked out, I am sharing them with you, along with where I learnt how to make them :)

Why not try making them yourself?
If you don't have fondant, I'm sure play dough
or maybe even blu tac would work!

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