Friday, 24 October 2014

Cruisin' away...

Following on from my last post, our family have recently been on a cruise! It was an interesting experience, and I think the only thing that could have made it more relaxing... is not taking the kids with us.

It was Tamara's birthday while we were away cruising, and even though we had a little cake as dessert that night, we celebrated properly with family over the weekend after returning from our cruise, and, as per my tradition (and many other parents'), I like to make life harder for myself, so asked her what kind of baked treats she'd like me to make for her to take into her class on Monday to share with them for her birthday.

Of course, as we'd just been on a cruise, she asked for cruise biscuits.

After calling around and visiting the local cake shops I knew of, I came home concluding that cruise ship cookie cutters are not as popular as cars, eiffel towers and monkeys, so I needed to improvise with what I had at home!

I rummaged through the cutters that I already had, and found one that would work! It was my cupcake cutter, and this was how I did it:

To decorate them all, I used melted chocolate and royal icing.

If you look closely enough, it says "Carnival Legend" on them all. It takes time to become fluent in  the language of melted chocolate, so you'll just have to believe me ;)

Once you cut, bake, and decorate 30+ of these, the font does become slightly more squiggled, but it still says Carnival Legend, I promise. They're a fair bit less realistic than the cake I'd made for Tamara's birthday, that's for sure!

I placed them neatly onto a tray for easy transport to school. Tamara said that her class loved them, and the office staff asked where theirs were!

I didn't want to admit that I accidentally, uh, had them for breakfast... :o

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