Friday, 31 October 2014

A tissue, a tissue!!

This year for Halloween, considering a busy day and a wedding cake to make the very next day, I was told by Husband not to bake anything. I know he had my best interests at heart when he said that we were going to do it really simple this year - to buy a few packets of lollies or chocolates, and hand them out as they are. No fancy shmancy, time-consuming, insanity-provoking Halloween biscuits like last year!

So, I did what he asked. I went to the shops, and bought some lollipops to hand out to this year's Trick or Treaters. I was prepared a whole week in advance, which is unusually organised for me, and something you can't really do with baked goods.

But, lollipops by themselves are a bit boring... ;)

I wanted to be creative!

As one does for inspiration, I looked up what I could do with lollipops on the internet, and found a really cheap way of transforming them all into something cute and memorable.

I made ghost pops!

I did this all last weekend, so that it was all sorted and Husband wouldn't get all "I told you not to go crazy!" I promise I didn't! All I needed were the lollipops, a box of tissues, some rubber bands, and a texta.

When he had seen what I'd done, he suddenly claimed that he said that he didn't want me making anything. Um, hello?! That's not fair!! Plus, it had already been done, and it would be more work taking them all apart to be back to boring lollipops, anyway :p

Who 'ya gonna call?

Maybe next time I'll try adding arms, as "The Scream" artwork by Edvard Munch was all I was envisioning after drawing eyes and mouths on so many lollipops!

And I've never really been one to decorate my house for Halloween (heck, we don't even decorate it for Christmas!), but since it was a last minute decision <cough-idea-I-found-on-the-internet-cough> I didn't go too crazy... Just a few orange balloons, some green curly ribbon, and that texta again, to make pumpkins to hang up outside :)

Happy Halloween!

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