Thursday, 5 February 2015

A spoonful of Nutella...

Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree.
That makes it a plant.
Therefore, chocolate is salad!

Which must mean that Nutella is spreadable salad.

Before you jump to any conclusions, I did not make up this day! Check out the link if you don't believe me. It is real, and a friend of mine even organised a special Nutella themed morning tea, invited friends over, and feasted on all sorts of delicious Nutella recipes.

Last year (when I first discovered this day existed), I made Nutella 'popsicles' using two ingredients. This year, I thought I'd share something that I've seen so many times, and finally got around to making!

A Nutella pull apart.

-  a.k.a. "Chocolate star bread"  -

I'm sure you may have also stumbled across the tutorial in your internet/Facebook surfing as well, perhaps a couple of months ago during the Christmas season. If not, you can find one (of the many, many available) here.

The thing I suppose I didn't realise when I randomly decided to make this, is that bread dough takes foreverrr to rise when you're impulsive and impatient. An entire season viewing of Desperate Housewives later, and I was finally able to create this afternoon tea treat for my children.

The kids were impressed, and most of it was devoured, but next time I might try using puff pastry (or maybe even pizza dough) which can be a bit more ready-when-you-need-it if I impulsively decide to make something like this again ;)

Have you made any Nutella treats to celebrate World Nutella Day?

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