Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hulk, SMASH!

Today is my littlest son's 5th birthday! He started Kindergarten this year, and though we've been discussing the idea of a LEGO themed party, he was adamant about Hulk cupcakes/biscuits/something to have at school on his actual birthday.

A few days ago, I mentioned to Jonathan's teacher that his birthday was coming up, because (as per the usual birthday custom in our household) I was planning to make some baked treats to send to school with him to celebrate with his class.

His teacher had informed me that there's no nuts allowed, and that there's two children in the class with egg allergies.

Hmm... Well that rules out cupcakes (though I know there's plenty of egg-free recipes out there - I'm also lazy, remember? And I didn't have time to trial a brand new recipe to make sure it worked), so I looked into other things.

My next go-to baked treat is shortbread biscuits; but I use egg white to make royal icing, and fondant would have been too fiddly; so I seeked my favourite internet sites for what other Hulk inspired things I could make that are:

- Creative
- Simple
- Yummy
- Nut, egg, soy, gluten, dairy, alcohol, and cocaine free.

I'd found various jellies and custard-like desserts that had Hulk faces drawn onto the plastic cups, which I thought were pretty cool and do-able! So I showed Jonathan, but he didn't seem too impressed.

Through much pleading and bribery, he eventually came around to the jelly idea once I'd suggested it could be a different colour, and he demanded I make them red so they could be Red Hulk jellies.

Yes! A thousand times yes, I can definitely make them red!

Since I couldn't find my permanent marker, I waited until the jellies were set to add the faces.

It was a little tedious, and somewhat time consuming, but we managed to get there in the end, despite being slightly late for school.

With a system of gluing the mouthes, eyebrows, and eyes onto the cups one by one, they all eventually looked something like this:

At last, all Red Hulk jellies were completed and lined up in foil trays for ease of transport (something I don't often think of until it's too late).

With some spoons, of course. Because eating jelly with your hands is just messy!*

And finally, a photo of the birthday boy with one of his birthday treats ready to take to school :)

I think he approved!

... Or, he's constipated.

funniest, craziest little boy, Jonathan!!

* Don't ask me how I know that.

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