Thursday, 19 March 2015

The circle of life.

Having a baby is exciting. You're becoming a parent (again, or for the first time), an aunt or uncle, a grandparent, or, you're watching your friend's life change and warp into something completely different and unique... Well, maybe not so much unique - I'm sure everyone gets vomited on by a baby at some stage in life.

Though the new life and development of a baby both inside and outside the womb is a miracle, it can also be scary, frustrating, and depressing... Which is why I made a cake ;)

It was for a baby shower, and the theme was the Lion King.

Of course, I immediately thought of baby Simba being held up to the sky by the weirdest monkey uncle in the Hollywood world.

Though I have made a little lion before out of fondant, I didn't feel repeating that same lion would be a) big enough, b) cute enough, or c) Lion King-y enough. So I started from scratch, using baby Simba as my reference. The fondant cub went from looking like a mouse, to a kangaroo, to finally... potentially... maybe... kind of... a baby lion.

Occasionally, you just have to be content with
"near enough is good enough"...

The cub was placed on top of a jungle cake (yes, that's what it's meant to look like!), with a collection of leaves on top, and some bunches of leaves around the base.

In this jungle, this mighty jungle, though, the lion is very much wide awake, to prepare for the many sleepless nights that are sure to happen in the near future.

The last thing to add to the cake, was some grass, and vines. Because all jungles need vines! At least that's what I hoped they looked like.

Happy Lion King baby shower! :)

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