Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hey, teacher!

I have many friends who are teachers.

Towards the end of last year, I had a significant stack of mini panic attacks as I planned (and re-planned, and re-planned) what to give each teacher of my child as an end of year gift.

Many websites will give you many different ideas and reasons behind them (written by teachers!), and all of them made sense no matter which answers were given regarding gifts!

Which, of course, made my anxiety worse.

One thing that I remember reading through my website hopping (not so much surfing, because I basically kept clicking until I found someone confirming that my idea was fine, which isn't that bad, is it?), was that teachers were a bit 'over' the whole Best Teacher/apple themed/A+ themed presents...

Which is why I was a bit surprised when one of those friends (a teacher) asked if I could make some apple/A+ cupcakes for her, as she wanted to give them to her students on the last day of Term 4 (as she was also moving to a new school far, far away).

Clearly, I need to stop using the internet so much to validate my thoughts and ideas. It just makes life more distressing. And while I'm at it, I should probably stop asking Dr Google to diagnose my sleep, skin, and weight issues, because he says crazy things like I drink too much coffee, stay up too late, don't eat enough vegetables, and I'm just not satisfied with that level of rationale.

Anyway, I made these cupcakes for her, as requested!

The apples were basically round balls of red fondant, with a small round indent (made with a chopstick) on the top that I stuck a tiny piece of brown fondant and a green fondant leaf into. I rested the apples around a cling wrap roll so that the leaves would set upright (See! I was actually aiming for realistic this time!)

A simple rectangle of black fondant represented a chalkboard, and the 'chalk' part of the chalkboards was royal icing. I wouldn't be surprised if soon the colours were switched around (white background and black writing), once all students will relate to is a smart board!

It was about this time when I realised that things were starting to look less realistic when the apple and chalkboard (clearly disproportioned) were placed next to each other on the cupcakes.

Still. An apple a day keeps Dr Google... on his toes.

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