Monday, 9 July 2012

My scrap-booking faze...

So, as many people do, I also went through a scrap-booking faze! Many people already know how to scrap-book, so this isn't an instructional post or anything like that. Just something I wanted to share!

I didn't realise just how time consuming it could be until it took me weeks to finish just one page! Yikes... I still have so many incomplete pages, but did manage to fully complete 4 whole pages! Wow. I have them all in an album (in chronological order, of course) with spaces in between left for what will go in between them... Some even have the photos I want to (will, eventually... WILL) use! ... This has got me thinking about different craft adventures I've been on in my life... And I don't actually know how many I've stuck to enough to finish! In a recent post, I wrote that I still hadn't finished Tamara's butterfly canvas, or the golden butterfly one. And I have all the materials for them! ... Perhaps my challenge to myself this year might be to finish things I've started!

I thought I'd share with you two of the scrap-booking pages that I had made (and completed!). They are of my two eldest children, Ben and Tamara, when they were about 2 or 3.

The photos of Ben eating pineapple were taken at my mother's house. I believe I started and finished this page in LESS than a week, as we had a 'craft/scrap-booking' day at the play group I was attending with the kids, and I just needed to do it and finish it because people were watching! :)

The photos of Tamara were taken at my husband's family's farm. She was so determined to pick up THE BIGGEST rock and throw it into the creek! ... And she did it! What a tough little girl she was (and still is)!

I remember many days I would get  out the paper, stickers, glue, photos, scissors, and accessories, lay them ALL OVER THE TABLE (I needed to see absolutely everything, of course), and just stare at them all for ages while I worked out (mentally) what I wanted to do with the papers, photos, and stickers... Then all of a sudden it would be time to leave to pick up my kids from pre-school or school! So I would bulldoze (with my arm) the items on the table into a huge box so that my kids wouldn't mess it all up when they got home! I was always hopeful that I would learn to be more time efficient, and actually finish a page I had started... Most of the time, though, I would start a new page after having an idea for one, and I still wouldn't finish it, and again I'd bulldoze the items on the table for the next day.

I am hoping that one day I will get back into a scrap-booking mode.
But to think of doing that now with a two year old around...??
Well, the thought disappears pretty quickly!! :)

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