Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I thought I'd take a moment...

I thought I'd take a moment... To recommend (I know this sounds biased) my husband's band, Redwoods, but in particular, their blog... They've recently written a song called 'All of the Strands', which was inspired by a project called 'Turning Heads' - a combination of Helen and Lina's amazing talents, where girls and women suffering from a condition called Alopecia Totalis, had their heads painted and photographed, to capture the beauty, warmth and love they believed they'd lost...

I often joke to my husband that he doesn't have feelings (because he makes fun of me crying in movies), but he was truly moved by these women and this project for them, and he sat down with his friend, who also happens to be part of the band, and wrote music and lyrics to a song, to hopefully inspire others to become aware of this condition, what it means, and to appreciate what God has given them (even if it is just hair on their heads, which he knows exactly how many there are!)

I personally am inspired by my husband's talent and amazingly influential song-writing skills he seems to believe he doesn't have, and wanted to share with you both his whole band's talent, and the amazing work of the people working towards loving women suffering from this condition.

Clockwise from the left: Reuben (my husband), Marty, Patrick, Michael, and Tristan
I appreciate your time reading this, and I hope I can encourage you to look beyond appearance, and really treasure what God has placed in your heart... And if you're reading this, then he's clearly placed compassion and interest in your heart to take the time to read some of what others think and feel :)


  1. I am so surprised there are no comments. This is a really inspirational story. I have shared it on my FB page - The Simply Living Challenge and tweeted it!

  2. Hi Asta! And thank you! The whole Turning Heads project has had an amazing impact on the women involved, and it's very warming to know other people are seeing the same moments of joy and life that we saw when we first saw the photos!
    Will try to find your page on FB but what's the link?