Sunday, 29 July 2012

I really really love my...


Once upon a time, my kids and I went shoe shopping with "Nana" (my mum).

My kids were quite chuffed to have a new pair of sneakers each. As we were heading to the register, I saw a shelf of sunglasses! I did need a new pair, so I wandered across to see if there was a pair that I liked, while the shoes were being scanned and paid for.

And there they were... My next pair of sunglasses!

At first glance, I thought they had been put in the shelf/rack upside down... But when I picked them up and tried them on, they fitted perfectly and I loved them instantly! My very own pair of upside down glasses! :)

I wore them everywhere, and even asked people to tell me what they thought of my upside down glasses... I was perhaps a little bit passionate about pointing out the fact that they looked like someone had a bad day in the sunglasses factory and made them the wrong way ;)

In my sunglasses, drinking a Boost that I got for FREE because of the Name Game!
Of course, my affection for the one entirely unnecessary possession (how often do we actually get to indulge as parents?) would come into conflict with my youngest son's affinity for testing the tensile strength of materials by bending them until they almost wrapped around themselves in reverse. Words were exchanged. Well, not exchanged. More hurled.

Thirty minutes with a pair of pliers and a husband, they were functional again. But then, the tiny little screws that hold the lens into the frame fell out of the sides! I was sad, but I still wore them everywhere... But, it did become annoying when, as i wore them, they would go (unfashionably) wonky and almost upside down! (or right way up?)

With a little bit of creativity, I ended up solving this 'issue' with 2 staples (I don't know why it took me so long to work it out)! And, now I can wear my most loved pair of upside down glasses once again, that my mum had bought for me from a shoe shop :)

Does anyone else have an item or accessory they can't live without? Or have you gone to extreme (or not-so-extreme) creative measures to fix something you really really love? :)

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