Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Trees!

Looking for dessert inspiration for Christmas at our house (and because I may be going slightly cupcake mad), I came across these beauties -and many similar- on one of my many random Google searches:

I thought they looked awesome, and wanted to re-create them in my own way...

I made little stars with leftover yellow fondant used for the stars I made for Aiden's space cupcakes, to go on top of these cupcakes. I had thought of the decorations on our own Christmas tree (baubles and tinsel), and ways I could creatively (and edibly) put those onto the cupcakes... I decided that mini M 'n' Ms should work well... I got some chocolate fudge frosting to 'link' the baubles (or lights) to one another, and had some silver cachous on hand in case the mini M 'n' M theory didn't work...

And, well, because I suffer from slight impatience... Instead of waiting until Christmas day to make these, I made them for one of my play group's Christmas parties 2.5 weeks prior to Christmas! And I thought both the mini M 'n' Ms, and the cachous looked great on them:

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas! :)

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