Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dinosaur cupcakes!

Another boy's birthday has come, and another round of cupcakes were made for the occasion! ... Because 5 year old boys are into cars, trucks, fire engines, dogs, and dinosaurs, I chose a dinosaur theme to make T-Rex and dinosaur egg cupcakes for his birthday.

I coloured my fondant green, and used an 'egg' shaped cookie cutter for a T-Rex head.

I rolled out white fondant and cut triangles to use for the mouths... I trimmed them with the egg shaped cutter to get the right curve (and to hopefully save time with trimming them all later). With a paintbrush and a bit of water, I 'glued' them on.

Next I added an eye (again, with fondant), a nostril, and teeth.

I started using melted chocolate for the eyes and teeth, but for some reason today, my chocolate wasn't melting properly, so I instead finished them off (and fixed up the dodgy chocolate parts) by using chocolate fudge frosting.

My original plan for the dinosaur eggs was going to be to make them with fondant... But upon researching what dinosaur eggs actually looked like (more brown and spotty than white and smooth), I decided that chocolate chip cookie dough would look more realistic! I made a 'nest' out of chocolate sprinkles, then put the egg shaped ball of cookie dough on top :)

For the T-Rex cupcakes, I piped chocolate icing onto the cakes, and placed the T-Rex heads on top. Then on the eggs, I sprinkled a little bit of icing sugar, and voila.
Dinosaur themed cupcakes!

Happy birthday Fletcher! ROAAAR!

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