Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Teacher presents!

And so it has arrived... The last day of school for 2012! Incredible, and also a little bit sad, and scary, and exciting, because the countdown until Christmas is getting lower and lower!

In my last post, I mentioned that this year I was going to paint wine glasses for my children's teachers. Well, here is what I painted for them! Flowers are generally winners for ladies, and I got my children to choose which flower and what colour they thought their teachers would like... One for Ben's teacher, one for Tamara's teacher, and one for the principle of the school:

I often chat to the site manager of the school, but in a sneaky question a couple of weeks ago (not really, I plainly asked him if he drank wine or not), found out that he doesn't drink wine. From previous conversations, however, I did know that he drank spirits (and played bass in a band most weekends - sometimes simultaneously), so I painted a shot glass for him, with a bass clef and some notes! I should let him know that I expect him to memorise and be able to play what I composed over the holidays :)

For the rest of the staff, I couldn't help myself,
and made Christmas cupcakes with fondant holly leaves,
red 'sugar pearls', and red & green M 'n' Ms:

Happy Last Day Of School!

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