Saturday, 6 July 2013

One cupcake to rule them all...

Cupcakes. A love of cupcakes so great that you wish you lived next door to Wayne Szalinski, in hopes that you could bring one over, and he would zap it with his whacky-doo-wham-bam machine making it it enormous, just as he accidentally did to his baby...

Well, obviously someone had a love of cupcakes similar to this, and subsequently invented these (which makes me wonder if they'd feel less guilty still eating 'just one cupcake'):
It is with this rubbery contraption that I made the EOFY cake, and also the cake I'm about to write about now - A giant cupcake for a girl who has just turned the milestone double digit age of 10 :)

It started out much the same. An ordinary day, filled with enormous amounts of flour, sugar, butter, and chocolate waiting to be melted and moulded into the perfect shape... The shape of a giant patty case, of course. Though this time, there were two colours of chocolate ready to be melted, to make a stripy chocolate patty case for the giant cupcake. White chocolate stripes first, and then milk chocolate to cover the rest of it.

The instructions for this cake were specific, from colour, to flavour, to decorations. As much as I enjoyed the creative freedom that I had for the purple cake, it was refreshing to know exactly what the birthday girl wanted. Which was: the icing colours of the bottom two cakes, mixed together like the top right cake, into piped rosettes like the bottom cakes, chocolate hearts like the bottom right, and red heart sticks like the top left        ->

I know... I checked, and double-checked, and quadruple-checked just to make sure that I knew what I was to make! But once I did, I got to work.

With the cake made and inside it's striped chocolate case (and then in the silicone base for support), I had the chocolate and white icings made and ready to pipe. It was time to get decorating!

My kitchen: where giant cupcake memories are made.
I filled in the blanks with some more icing, as I am still new to piping giant rosettes:

For the chocolate hearts, I knew that my moulds were too big, so this took me a little while to work out how to make them... I ended up melting chocolate and spread it out onto baking paper. When it had dried a little, I took a little metal heart cutter, and cut out hearts until my heart was content (and until the chocolate was all gone). Then repeated this with white chocolate.

The icing was piped, and the chocolate hearts were placed around the cake (great for covering up mistakes). The revealing of the chocolate patty case was next.

I tied some ribbon around it (an added extra for prettiness, but also for support so that the case doesn't crack under the weight of the cake). I had heaps of chocolate hearts left over, which I decided to place around the cake board for presentation (well, the ones that my youngest son didn't get to first):

The final touch for the cake were the red fondant hearts on top. I chose to stick 10 in, pretty much because the birthday girl was 10 :)

I was really happy with this cake, and though I could only imagine what it was going to look like, it was especially wonderful knowing that I had made it exactly how the birthday girl had imagined it would look like as well.

Happy birthday Emily!!

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