Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Fun with fruit!

Fruit salad? Yummy yummy!

"Take all the fruit that you want to eat,
It's gonna be a fruit salad treat!"
- The Wiggles.

I think fruit (in general) might just be the most delicious food group on earth. Next to chocolate and coffee.

My kids also love eating fruit, and I enjoy creating pretty presentations with it, which makes for a win-win situation :)

I like that you can be as wild or as tame as you'd like with fruit salad. And have as many or few varieties of fruit, too. I've seen many fruit presentations that are absolutely incredible! Watermelon baby carriages, Christmas trees, dinosaur heads, bouquets etc. You name it, Google can find it.

But fruit platters don't need to be that complicated to look and taste good, because it doesn't take much to make fruit appealing (or perhaps that's just me, because I like fruit). Today, I simply lined up various pieces of cut up fruit onto a platter and served it like that (and everyone loved it!):

It was fun to do, and of little inconvenience making it happen, though you'll need to remember to add lemon juice to the apples & bananas to stop them from browning if you weren't serving it straight away (or if your children/guests will pick and choose from it for a longer period of time).

Speaking of having fun with fruit, here's a poem from Cameron Semmens, who's also been creative with fruit:

O Melanie Berry
I had my eyes peeled for you
and my search for you was fruitful;
for you are my apple
and I pine apple.

You're the apple of my eye;
the pumpkin of my pupil;
the raspberry of my retina;
the West Samoan banana passion fruit of my optic nerve
and life's peachy when I'm with you!

When I saw you in the lime light,
you were a star fruit
and you gave me goose-berry bumps all over!

O my peachy little pumpkin,
we make a pair!
But you say as a pair
we're a lemon - a dud, a fizzer!
But I say that as a pair
we are a passionfruit -
rich, ripe and juicy!

I say "Woman, stay!"
But you say "Man, go!"
Look, I may not be rich rich,
but I'm also now poor poor!
If you leave me you'll make me 'ave a cardo!

O Melanie Berry,
may I call you Berry?
Without you my soul is black Berry,
and I'd be blue Berry!
I have a pistol strapped to my ankle -
if you don't love me I'll use my low gun Berry!
But death is the last straw Berry!

O Melanie, I with we could just runaway
and get married... but we can't elope!

O Melanie Berry you have appeal!
And it's no quincedence I picked you -
you keep me regular!

Yet I know that we may never be together as one,
for you are a Chinese gooseberry
but I don't speak Mandarin!

Have you ever been creative with 'presenting' fruit to your children (or at a party/event)? How do you think my/your kids would react if they were offered a [colourful] platter of vegetables?? ;)

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